1100 N. Wickham Rd.  corner of Wickham & Sarno

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 The Melbourne Greyhound Park      

 "Best Place  
      to See     
 Live Comedy"
Florida Living Magazine


                                March 28th  -  Tickets $12

  PHIL TAG    "Hands down Hilarious!" - NY Times
Showtime, A&E, Comedy Central &TWICE on The Tonight Show

                                              And, from Albany, GA   Vince Taylor

                                April 4th  -  Tickets $12

  GRANDMA LEE "America's Got Talent" Finals
80 Year Old Grandma seen on Last Comic Standing, and  2-time
   Winner  of USA World Showcase Comedy Division at the MGM

                                               And, from Jacksonville   Bob Lauver

                                April 11th  -  Tickets $12

  CLINT NOHR    "First time at Groucho's"
 From NC.  As seen on Last Comic Standing & FOX's Laughs TV  

                   And from the Charlotte Comedy Theatre   Will Jacobs

                                  April 18th  -  Tickets $12

  CHRIS GORGES   Boston bred, Tampa's own
Winner 2014 Best Comedy Podcast & Host of Double Special Show

                                   And, from The Comedy Cab...  Doug Canney

                                  April 25th  -  Tickets $12

  Joe Fernandes    From New Jersey
A Hilarious look into his struggles with Addiction & Relationships

                                                  With Actor & Comedian  Pat Duax

                                  May 2nd  -  Tickets $12

  BILL "BULL" OHSE    "Same old Bull"
National Touring Comedian who keeps audiences laughing non-stop

                                           And from the Emerald City  Johnny Oz

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